HDR Darkroom Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

HDR Darkroom  Free Download screenshot

1. Create a HDR image from multiple Jpeg, Bmp, Tiff, or Camera Raw files (such as CR2, NEF)

2. Create a HDR image from one single linear TIFF file in 16 bit per channel format

3. Work as RAW converter to convert single Camera Raw files (such as CR2, NEF) for display or print.

4. Advanced alignment methods to compensate for any small movements while taking the photos

5. Three Tone Mapping Engines of your choice. One is a global tone mapping engine while the other two are patented Local Tone Mapping engines.

6. With different setting of parameters, our local tone mapping engines will make you easily achieve both high quality photo-realistic and surreal HDR photography.

7. Enhance one single 8-bit image such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF (8 bit per channel, 24 bit per pixel, integer RGB) using a patented single photo enhancement engine (Coming soon).

8. Batch processing.

9. Post processing features like black and white clip, color balance adjustments.

System Requirements:

1GB main memory minimal, 2.0 GHz CPU, 1000 MB hard drive space

HDR Darkroom  Free Download screenshot